La Red (The Net)

La Red (The Net) is a Christian nonprofit organization.

We facilitate transformative development opportunities for people living in social vulnerability who reside in the coastal communities of La Libertad, El Salvador.


Years of presence and work

All of these years and work in the coastal communities of La Libertad have shown us that people living in social vulnerability can improve their quality of life if they are assisted in their urgent needs, guided in their walk with Christ, and educated holistically.


More than 200 families in our programs


More than 10 communities reached

Our work has 3 pillars: to assist to restore to educate the community


We work to meet urgent needs in the areas of food, health, and shelter.


Through preaching and discipleship, we teach the values ​​of Christianity and its practice as an integral faith and lifestyle.


We offer training for life skills, employment, and entrepreneurship.

About us

La Red was born as an initiative of the Castellanos family, who have been joined by individuals and organizations who share the call to help those in need.

Our origins date back to the mid-nineties.

At the beginning, Salvador and Mayi, along with their three children (Rodrigo, Marcelo, and Andrea) began to facilitate social aid activities in poor communities in El Salvador, including the beaches of La Libertad.

In 2004 they founded the Salvadoran chapter of

In 2006 they founded the Salvadoran chapter of

In 2014 they planted La Red Christian church at the popular El Tunco beach and registered the La Red Foundation for Transformational Development.

The Castellanos family continues to give their time and effort to La Red, and to their personal mission of “Love God and serve others”.

Our programs

Helping hands

We aim to alleviate hunger, disease and the economic vulnerability suffered by hundreds of people in the coastal area of ​​La Libertad.

We distribute food rations, building materials, and water filters.

We repair homes.

We manage and organize medical campaigns.

We subsidize medications and lab tests.

La Red Church

We are an inclusive and contemporary congregation.

Through discipleship and preaching, the universal values ​​of Christianity are taught, and its practice of faith is shared as a way of life.

Our activities include general services and women, men, youth, children, and couples’ ministries.

We also hold community gatherings and personal growth workshops.

La Red Academy

It is a training center where we offer workshops and training for life skills, employment, and entrepreneurship.  We use a model of compassionate, ethical, emotional, and social education.

We offer computer classes, English, and music permanently.

We also give workshops on soft skills, entrepreneurship, crafts, maintenance, hospitality, restaurant business and tourism.

Sharing Waves

We use the teaching and practice of surfing as a tool for transformation and development.

We organize camps, first aid, safety, and aquatic rescue workshops.

We carry out social service activities.

We promote a culture of peace, the practice of Christ-like values, and a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Healthy Life

We promote physical, mental, and emotional health through exercise, good nutrition, and hygiene habits.

Our activities include aerobics classes, sporting events, and talks on healthy habits.


We organize short-term mission trips under an all-inclusive concept through our partner



Activities in more than 15 communities


More than 2 thousand families reached by our programs


More than 15 medical campaigns


More than 3 thousand food rations delivered


More than 20 home improvement projects


More than 300 water filters delivered


More than 20 surf camps


More than 200 people attend our services at La Red church


More than 100 people between the ages of 6 and 65 have graduated from our computer courses


More than 75 people attend our English academy

Support Us

Support Us

You can get involved by praying for us, joining a mission trip, or by donating funds and needed resources.

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