Our goal is to elevate the quality of life of the people that suffer from poverty, illness and social exclusion in the Salvadorean beach communities.

Our organization

La Red is the colloquial name of FUNRED (for its acronym in Spanish: Fundación La Red para el Desarrollo Transformador (La Red Foundation for Transforming Development.)

We are a non-profit, Christian organization.

At a local level, we reach individuals, families and communities with the objective of helping them in their spiritual growth, assist them in their most urgent needs, educate them to advance in life, introduce them to a peace culture and facilitate community infrastructure for their development.

At an international level, we enlarge and strength our network of individuals and institutions that share our same vision.

Why we do this

Being a Christian organization, we are committed to establish the Kingdom of God on earth so that each and every one of us lives the abundant life and does the good works that we were created for.

We call this process Transforming Development, and we understand it as a positive change in our way to think and act, as a result of spiritual growth, satisfaction of our most urgent needs, education to achieve progress and build harmonious relationships with ourselves, our neighbors, the environment and God.

We believe that the country of El Salvador and Salvadoreans as individuals need and deserve this transformation.

This is our work area; our dream is to change this reality.

Spiritual Growth

We share our Christian faith as the foundation for transforming development.


We provide assistance to those that suffer from poverty, illness and social exclusion.


We motivate and train to advance in life.

Community development

We contribute with ideas, infrastructure and equipment.

Peace culture

We prevent violence and promote peaceful coexistence and a positive lifestyle.


We organize and host mission trips to El Salvador.



We founded in El Salvador, the first chapter of Christian Surfers International.


We began to organize and host mission trips.


We established La Red Church at El Tunco beach.


We legalized Fundación La Red para el Desarrollo Transformador -FUNRED.

Current projects

The Net Church

Is our faith community, where we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share Christian life principles, in a contemporary, holistic and integrative way.

Helping Hands

These are our activities to distribute food and clothing, medical services and campaigns, house construction and improvement, construction and equipment for community development, as well as productive infrastructure, and disaster response.

Little House

Is a project for children and youth, and their families. We provide them with a safe environment in which they participate in educational, recreational and motivational activities and also receive nutrition and health support.

Sharing Waves

Is a project for children and youth, that use teaching and practicing surfing as a tool to prevent violence, recreation, education and promote a positive lifestyle.