The Castellanos family is at the core of La Red. Their fate is: Love God, Serve your Neighbor.

Our History

Our Christian journey began in 1990.  After many years serving in different ministries, in 2006, we founded the first mission of Christian Surfers International organization at the emblematic beach of El Tunco.

Having contact with the surfer community allowed us to learn more about the poverty, illnesses, vulnerability and social exclusion that prevail in the Salvadorean beaches.

To address this, we began carrying out activities with the purpose of spiritual growth and social work in some of the beaches. These activities had and continue to have the support of different people, institutions and churches both from El Salvador as well as other countries such as the Unites States

At the time, we began to host and take care of mission teams from different organizations, churches and universities, especially from the United States; they continue to visit us and to contribute with their talents and resources to our projects.

In March, 2014, thanks to the donation of a plot of land at El Tunco beach, we founded La Red Church. It is a faith community where we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share Christian life principles in a contemporary, holistic and integrative way.

God broadened our vision once again and during Christmas 2015, Fundación La Red para el Desarrollo Transformador, FUNRED was lawfully established.

La Red, as we call it, allows us to work in a broad, holistic and transparent way and bring people and institutions around the world to share God’s love.

Our Family


Salvador Castellanos

I am FUNRED's president.
I have been working for over 35 years as a journalist and TV anchor for companies such as CNN, Telemundo, Univision and CBN.
I've had honor of winning to Emmy awards.
I am a surfer and diving instructor since 1976
I am part of Christian Surfer El Salvador's board.

Maribel de Castellanos

I am FUNRED's administrator and also the coordinator of various projects.
I am a teacher by training. I love handcrafts and taking care of my family, including my two beautiful granddaughters.

Andrea Castellanos

I am the Executive Director of FUNRED and missions coordinator.
I have a degree in Communications and audiovisual production from College of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA.
I practice surf, SUP and scuba diving.
I was a competitive swimmer and I am a certified lifeguard.

Marcelo Castellanos

I am a member of FUNRED's board and I lead the Project “Compartiendo Olas.”
I am a tourist administrator, chef and a professional surf and SUP instructor.
I have been national surf champion twice and coach for the Salvadorean team.
I also run my own company called Puro Surf.
Toguether with my wife Vanessa, we help with the foundation activities.

Rodrigo Castellanos

I am a member of FUNRED's board.
I am a commercial pilot.
Together with my wife Isabel and my two daughters, we help with the foundation’s activities.